People working in an automotive company or electronic industry are always in the search for the perfect die caster. Precision die casting is the procedure which involves molted metals which are molded into definite shapes using steel cavities. The entire process is typically done in a cold or hot chamber where the metal is shaped under high pressure. The list of die casting companies in Malaysia is renowned for using high-tech such as robotic automation and vacuum die casting to enhance product quality.

Aluminum die casting company understands that even tiny aluminum parts can influence the reliability and functionality of the product. Hence, the manufacturing team cautiously proceeds with their aluminum die casting project using automated robotic machines to make precise movements and shapes. A customer is only happy when the engineering team delivers a high cosmetic and structurally reliable result. Hence, a trusted company makes use of its cutting-edge technology and stringent procedure to ensure the production of high-quality parts for the clients.

The die caster shoulders the responsibility of delivering a good result and adhering to all the safety regulations. Therefore, manufacturing companies place their trusted force to recruit and train new dies caster to increase productivity. The clients request various types of servicing, and under machining, the engineering team commonly uses the 26 CNC Milling Machines and 6 Lathe Machine in operation. The CNC machines are mainly 4-axis and include surface and Fit seven tolerance. The values add services ranges from in-house impregnation and Leaks Tests Facility to polishing steel and aluminum.

Sub-assemblies for plugs, nuts, bolts and fitting components, in-house automatic powder coating line, stable and reliable subcontractors for ED-Coat, Wet Paint, and Anodizing are all included. For vacuum die casting, the team reduces the need for high-pressure intensifier that shortens the die life. Customers request for the gas discharge from the mold cavity to lessen the gas present in the product. The release enhances the mechanical properties and density of the part, especially the elasticity and the tensile strength.

When it comes to high-pressure die casting, it is accompanied by services like machine tonnage. Other facilities include Crucible Furnace, Fanuc Robot Spray, Vacuum System, Fanuc Handling Robot, Stress Relieved Oven, Melt and Hold Furnace, and Oil Heater. Chrome plating involves polishing and plating full auto chrome plating in ferrous and non-ferrous products. The types of plating include gold, silver, zinc, and nickel plating. For the test lab, clients request the thickness test, salt spray test, quench evaluation, and Microscope inspection with multi-layer plating thickness.


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